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End User Benefits

End User Benefits

Once a new Scimedico customer has selected the right combination of services, Scimedico provides onboarding to the Complilab platform. This process includes: 


  • End user set up and training 

  • Asset database creation 

  • Compliance notification

  • Existing work maintenance history import

  • Service request 

  • End user community

  • Best practices and knowledge base


Complilab supports Biomedical and Clinical Engineering from an asset management, recording, and overall service and maintenance standpoint.

Lab Managers

Complilab provides laboratory managers with compliance and regulatory reminders, centralize reporting, and a full understanding of the overall status of each laboratory asset under their authority within the lab.

Environmental Health & Safety

Complilab also provides environmental health and safety with visibility into safety testing, overall compliance and regulatory changes and updates, as well as centralized record keeping for health and safety purposes

Support Tool

Complilab provides and users with a tool to support ongoing service request, and user community, and best practices.

Asset Management

Complilab supports the needs of procurement with views regarding asset management, overall maintenance cost, and asset lifespan management.

One-Time Process

The onboarding process is a one-time investment that establishes the ecosystem for every Scimedico customer. Once it is set up, it is accessible to customers 24/7.

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