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Keep Track of Compliance Inspections with Scimedico’s Complilab Asset Management Software

Scimedico’s Complilab, an asset management software, has been updated to keep track of your laboratory’s upcoming inspections from federal, state, regional, and local compliance agencies.

Pathology and necropsy labs are highly regulated environments. As such, these spaces are subject to evaluation from a variety of organizations, from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and College of American Pathologists (CAP) Joint Commission to the various state health departments throughout the country.

Each organization has its own set of standards that must be met for the lab to be considered “in compliance”. Compliance standards may also differ depending on the type of work taking place in the lab—anatomic pathology labs are accredited differently than point-of-care testing settings.

Therefore, staying on top of various tasks, repairs, and maintenance work within a lab, particularly prior to re-accreditation or inspection, is critical to a lab manager’s success.

Now, not only will Complilab help lab managers centralize all asset information, including upcoming service appointments, service reports, and suggested repairs and preventive maintenance (PM), but the software will also remind the necessary personnel of upcoming compliance inspections from various agencies.

Ahead of said inspections, lab managers can schedule necessary repairs and PM, download any reports of interest, and access a community of other lab managers and personnel to consult on best practices and the intricacies of lab regulations.

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