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Service Requests

Service Requests

Scimedico provides flexible preventive maintenance services in pathology, histology, cytology, and morgue settings. Complilab is the hub of the Scimedico maintenance wheel.

All Scimedico customers are provided the following resources:

  • Maintenance plans

  • Asset management

  • Work orders and service appointment tracking by assets

  • Order history related to assets

  • Compliance and reporting notifications and support

  • Centralized reporting capabilities

  • Best practices, a knowledge base, and access to the Complilab community

  • Service requests

Every Scimedico technician operates within the Complilab platform, as does our Service Coordination and Customer Service teams. From onboarding to ongoing service to compliance support, the Complilab platform provides Scimedico customers with real time visibility within service and maintenance, lab monitoring, and supports safety and compliance readiness. 

Complilab centralizes Preventive Maintenance, Service, and Repair.
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