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Take Control of Your Lab Service, Compliance, and Asset Management

Cloud based Laboratory Management System
Complilab centralizes service coordination, compliance administration, and laboratory asset management

Your Compliance Hub

Complilab offers centralized asset information and repair tracking through various reports. It provides 24/7 access to essential reports and compliance data for equipment assets, enhancing laboratory management efficiency.
Your Compliance Center

Centralized, cloud-based, HIPAA compliant, secure, integrated, laboratory management software - available online 24/7.

Complilab Mobile

Complilab is accessible online via computer, phone, or tablet. The Complilab app is available for download from the Google play or Apple app stores.

Asset Management

Detailed information on all the equipment Scimedico services.

Who are we
Scimedico allows your lab management to select the right service offerings for your lab

Flexible Service Contracts


Complilab Features

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